My two cats suddenly want to kill each other! What do I do!?

I have two cats, they've gotten along fine all their lives (three years) until today when they saw another cat in the window. They flipped out and savagely attacked each other, tearing fur and drawing blood. Now I keep them in separate rooms, they still growl and hiss at each other. What can I do?

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    Give it time. Cats R very primal when it comes to territory, adversaries, fear, pain, reproduction & any sight or smell which stimulates such thoughts. Their minds were likely stimulated into territorial battle at the sight of that cat. My cat (a siamese mix) goes through this more than I would like. If I grab him when he's in 1 of his primal phases (I like to call it) I have to be very careful how I do so. Don't get too taken aback by this. If this is what your cats are going through, it is instinctive, primal, and beyond their ability to see past. My cat always snaps out of it & usually in a fairly short time. However, there is this 1 cat that he got in a fight with when he got away from me 1 day. At the sight of THAT cat, his phase lasts a bit longer. After a visit to the vet, he really gets in a rut & his phase lasts the whole ride home. I just give him whatever time he needs. U did right to separate them. I bet by the time you read this, tho, they'll already be friends again.
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    It's called displacement aggression. They want to attack the cat they saw outside but can't so they attack the cat next to them instead. The one who got attacked is angry at the other one so they are still hissing but they should be OK and friends again soon. Try getting some Feliway to help calm them down again and keep them separated if they are still actually fighting. You also need to stop them seeing/hearing/smelling the cat in the garden or they could so this again. Try getting something designed to keep cats off flower beds etc and put it around the outside of your house by the windows etc to discourage the outside cat from hanging around where your cats can see him.
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