Why is my cat attacking her father?

My cat Hyde recently suffered a trauma when he accidentally fractured his neck, he is in recovery now and doing better everyday. He walks sideways and is still recovering neurologically, he is not the problem, his daughter is. My other cat Jazzy, who was born in my house and has had no contact with any other cats besides Hyde and her mother. Everytime she sees Hyde she freaks out and starts attacking him relentlessly. Then she acts as though he did something to her. It is so bad that I have to seperate them. She absolutely loved and adored her father before the accident, now she goes psycho on him everytime she sees him. Help, I don't want to get rid of my baby girl!

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    Well, first he came home from the hospital and he smelled funny to her. Then he continues to act differently than the kitty she remembers. To her he is now a stranger in her house. She has no way to understand what happened and she is reacting with her instincts. I would just keep them separated unless you are there to supervise until Hyde has had a little more time to recover and regain the familiarity Jazzy misses.
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    Could the father cat still smell like the place where he was treated, bandaging, medicine he's receiving, etc. R there changes in his carriage, movements, behavior, etc that he's still displaying due to the trauma. Smell is EVERYTHING in the cat world, too. Everything a cat wants to understand goes first through its smell test, then it's eyes. Believe it or not, a strange smell, especially one tacked to bad experiences, like a vet hospital aroma, can send a cat off the deep end, so to speak. Body language is also very important in the animal kingdom. Your daughter cat can be confused about why her dad is acting the way he is, effectively asking him to stop acting so strangely. It could even be that the posture he can't help displaying, due to his injury, is actually a sign that means something bad in the cat world. I saw a deer, antlers caught in a swing, attacked by a relative & nearly killed, when its posture changed due to its predicament. I would keep them separate till he's well.
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