I have been urinating outside my litter box for a few months now. I am a Bengal so my mommy thinks I

I have been urinating outside my litter box for a few months now. I am a Bengal so my mommy thinks I may have a UTI. As we are prone to them. I am not fixed but will be in a few months. But now my sister Lilly who is spayed has started urinating outside the litter box as well. Could I have passed my UTI to her? Or what is going on. My mommy needs some answers as we are going to the vet next week. She is also concerned that I may be showing early signs of FIP as I have been laying around a lot and not doing much. My two brothers passed away from this disease last year. Oh yea and we are both indoor only cats. The only outside we see is our mommy lets us out onto the screen in patio every once and awhile Please help my mom is worried!

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    A UTI should be treated right away. She needs to be tested and be treated with antibiotics as soon as possible. Next week is an awfully long time to wait as it will only get worse. The UTI may also be the reason she is not feeling well and laying around a lot. It is unlikely that she passed her infection on to her sister. However, her sister is probably responding the the smell of Kilalah's urine and just going in the same places. When Bailey was little, she started peeing in the corner of the living room because the litter box was too far to go. And her previously potty trained sister Allie decided that if Bailey could pee in the living room, she would do it too. They can smell it even if we can't and it makes them think it's a good place to go potty.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    FIP is caused when the coronavirus (common in cats) is mutated, for reasons that seem to be unknown. It can be passed from cat to cat, often through feces, and the coronavirus itself (not necessarily FIP) is common in multi-cat environments. I wouldn't worry about this until you see your vet, but the blood test for coronavirus can show abnormally high levels and yet the cat never develops FIP. There's lots of data on FIP on Catster, so if you're concerned, please look it up. However, try not to worry until the vet tells you something definite. I am inclined to think that your cat has a URI rather than something so dire as FIP, but since there have been other episodes of FIP in your cat family, it seems like a possibility. As for URIs, a quick Internet check seems to indicate that they are not contagious. In any event, see what the vet says. We're not vets here and are just writing from our own experiences. Good luck.
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