My kitty was scratching her eye...

My kitty was scratching her eye with her back legs and she made a cut under her eye and I was wondering what I should do. Can I use some type of cream for her eye? Or just use a q-tip dipped in disinfectent water? Thanks for any replies!

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  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    Personally, I'd take her to the vet. It's probably just a tiny scratch and no big problem, but anything that's near the eye should get professional care, since you don't want to risk an eye infection and blindness, Also, the vet will know what kind of cream to prescribe, or might even prescribe eye drops or antibiotics. (Or might just tell you not to worry and not give you anything, but better safe than sorry!) What I'm worried about, aside from the eye, is why your cat was scratching her eye with her hind legs. It could just be typical kitty behavior, but there's also a possiblity that she has something wrong with her eye that's bothering her--an infection, a scratch on the cornea, a foreign object in the eye, an allergy...I'd advise you to get her to a vet ASAP, but also to ask, when you make your appointment, what you should be doing in the meantime. We're not vets here; we just give opinions on what we'd do in the same situation!
  • Kellyann CookeKellyann Cooke Member Posts: 373
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    I agree with the other poster - also you need to be very careful what you use to clean your cat with or even put on a cut or scratch because chances are pretty high it will be ingested in some quanity - never use an over the counter cream or ointment unless you check with the vet to see if it could be toxic to your cat.
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