Is my Kitten a ragdoll a ragamuffin, or neither? Her father is in ?, he may be pure pedigree, not mo

Heather -Heather - none of your businessMember Posts: 7
Please email me so that I can send a pictures. I am not sure but I would say ragdoll. Her points are very pronounced, and she has blue eyes, her ears are I believe the right size, her fur is very cotton-feeling, and she barely sheds at all. She is also very talkative, but has a very sweet "meow". She has just finishing her first estrous. I think she would be a Choc. Lynx Point. Could you tell me what you think she is from her pictures. Since I am not an expert, maybe you could tell me if she even looks like this to you, or if there is anyway to be sure. If not and she has all the specifications of a ragdoll, is there any way I can get her a pedigree, or get her registered? Her paw pads are darker pink like cinnamon, and she has 5 toes in front and 4 in back. Her nose is pink in the middle and around the outer edge has her point-color, or a darker color anyways. Perfect temperament, & plays with my 2 larger dogs but tries to hunt my cockatiels. What pictures would be the best to send?

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  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
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    Instead of emailing pictures and giving out your email address I would make your cat a page on Catster - it's fun and free. Technically your cat is NOT a purebred unless you got your cat from a reputable breeder and she is registered with papers. Registration and pedigree is done through the breeder. There is no way to try to register her on your own. It also sounds like it is questionable that both of her parents are purebred too. Domestic mixed breed cats can often strongly resemble purebreds... but only purebreds consistently breed true to type and can be registered and pedigreed. Please consider spaying your cat. Technically she is a Domestic Longhair. Only if you are a licensed reputable breeder and have registered purebred, pedigreed cats that are excellent representatives of their breed standard should you consider breeding. Breeding cats is a BIG responsibility and EXPENSIVE! Showing cats to prove they are excellent reps. of their breed and vet bills is costly.
  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    I agree with everything Linus said. I just wanted to add that only the breeder can register a litter of kittens. A cat that did not come from a breeder or was not registered and sold with papers can not be registered at all even if you were sure of her parents. If you start a page for her and add photos, I can help you with her color though. A shot that shows her face. One that shows her whole body and tail.
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    You cat is probably not a purebred unless you got her from a reputable breeder. She sounds like a beautiful cat though! Please spay your kitty, as there are already enough homless cats in the world and another litter of kittens only takes away their chances of finding new homes. If you're not convinced, go to your local animal shelter and see all the cats, read their euthanization dates and realize how few of them will actually be adopted by that time. Many of the cats are purebred, all of them are friendly, and all of them deserve homes... but they won't get that. Instead, they will be put to death because more and more people just keep breeding their cats selfishly and taking away their chances of finding good homes. I'm not saying that you are a selfish person, but I am saying that it would be selfish to breed your cat when there are so many that don't have homes already. Good luck with your kitty, she sure is beautiful, enjoy every moment you have with her!
  • Maria KubikMaria Kubik MinneapolisMember Posts: 23
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    my kitty has pretty much the same liniage he kinda sounds like he might have some ragdoll n him send me a pic to azura'S page and i will try to help i joined catster myself and dogster when I had dogs they are pretty helpful. she sounds really sweet though
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