Can an aggressive female cat get calmer after spaying?

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We have a black and white cat that is about 6 months old. She is very aggressive, she bites, she claws and she chews on just about anything. I've never seen a cat chew on things like this one and I've been around cats and kittens all my life. I think she is part puppy. She can be very nice and calm and suddenly attack but her nice and calm is rare. Her attacks are pretty vicious. Is there a chance that once we get her spayed (scheduled for April) she will get calmer? This is my daughers cat that she got after the death of her beloved calico cat (who was a sweet cat) We have had this cat since she was 7 weeks old and she just keeps getting meaner. Is there any hope?

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  • Karina GressKarina Gress Member Posts: 402
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    Yes, she should definitely get less aggressive after being spayed. Raging hormones can make anyone moody. :-) But I wonder about the chewing, and the fact that it may actually be causing her aggression. Have you had her mouth and teeth checked? She may be in pain or something is bothering her causing her to chew and act out in general. A trip to the vet before the spay may be in order.
  • Az YaAz Ya Member Posts: 1
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    I have a kitten, now about 7 months who chews on just about anything... mostly she chews on stiffer fabrics - as if teething. I read recently that kittens are cutting their permanent teeth until around 8 months... so apparently this isn't unheard of, although I have never seen a kitten do this before either... She's not yet fixed and from a feral litter (feral until about 2 weeks of age). Generally she has a nervous temperament but she is subordinant to her brother/litter mate. I also hope she outgrows her nervousness, and I expect she will. Don't give up hope... give her lots of love... toys etc. This kitten becomes more social when I spend a lot of time playing with her...
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I don't think I'd wait until your kitty is 8 months old to have her spayed. Most cats are sexually mature at 6 months and she will be coming into heat shortly. Her behavior will become worse. She will start sitting at the door and yowling in addition to "attacking". In addition, if she accidentally gets out, she can mate and present you with unwanted kittens. It sounds like your cat needs more socialization. Do not use your hands to play with (or tease) her. Use a feather teaser pole or a laser light. If she starts to attack, one Catster friend hisses at her cats as Mama Kitty would do when the babies get out of line. You can also walk away and pay no attention to her. Cats hate to be ignored. Cats, like dogs and children, need to learn right from wrong. They don't know this instinctively. As their owners, we need to pick up where Mama left off and make them good feline citizens. There are books and Internet sites on how to train your cat. There is hope but it takes effort!
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    The other posters have said it all, but six months is about the time she should be spayed. It may improve her personality, and then again...maybe not. But spaying soon is a priority. As for chewing....cats get their adult teeth at about 5-6 months, so that could be the reason. Some cats are crazy for plastic bags, like my Harvey, and he's two. Is there any chance that your cat has Maine Coon blood? MCs are known for being chewers. By the way, the fact that the new cat is black and white and the old one was a calico probably have no significance regarding their personality. Colors are not breeds. There are theories that some character traits are related to color (actutally, calicos are considered difficult), but most experts say that these color-related characteristics are myths. She may just be doing the kitten thing with the biting and attacking--that's fun for a kitten--or, sorry to say, she may just have a bad personality.
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