Please tell Mom I'm playing, not being mean to my other two catmates. I'm a young neutered male and

Jennifer WilsonJennifer Wilson CharlestonMember Posts: 3
They call me "Little Dude" cause I'm so cool, but I think they're mad at me right now. I'm new to the family and keep "attacking" my catmates; a 14 yo male and a 7 yo female, who's now kinda afraid of me. Mom doesn't know if I'm playing or just plain mean, but what she does know is that I make the other cats SCREAM when I "play" with them. See Mom rescued me, but is concerned that I'll hurt Crazy, who's 14, or that Ashley won't come out anymore cause of me. She's even thinking of finding me a home w/out other cats. I was neutered last month; do you think I still have testosterone (sp?) in my system and it's making me aggressive? HELP! I don't want to leave this awesome place I now call home. Sincerely - Little DUDE ;-)

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    You're page says that you are 5 months old. I am almost 5 months old myself and it's really all just part of being a kitten. Nothing is more fun that grabbing my sisters for no reason when they least expect it. Kira just bites me back and makes me scream too but Chelsea gets really mad and hisses and lets out a growl to "put me in my place" She has no patience for the whole kitten thing. I am not really being mean and I hope you are not either. It's just how we play. Mommy takes me away and gives me a toy to distract me and she knows it is something I will outgrow and that I will learn some manners. Crazy and Ashley are not as young as my sisters so they just don't know how to put you in your place. Tell your Mommy to give you time to calm down and give you plenty of toys. If it is still so bad, then maybe a Feliway diffuser or some Bach's Rescue Remedy would help you calm down a bit. You don't want to get kicked out of the family!!!
  • Sandra PerrySandra Perry MemphisMember Posts: 1,425
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    Sounds like your Little Dude has the kitten crazies. Kittens play wild and sometimes don't understand that not everyone is keen on that. Try to have some play time with him every day. Oscar J. loves the laser pointer. If you wear him out a little, he'll probably be nicer to his fursibs.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    When Izzie played with the late sweet Ernie, they made so much noise by growling, chasing, hissing, etc. you would have thought they were fighting BIG time, but the weren't. Izzie had the "kitten krazees" and poor Ernie got the brunt of it. Now, Izzie plays with Lily Rose and although there's no "noise", they roll on the floors, stalk each other and chase like a Nascar race around the house. Unless you are tearing out fur and drawing blood from your furblings, your mom shouldn't consider re-homing you. To say that you need a home without other cats is labeling you and it will be even more difficult to find you a home. You are very young and the other cats need a chance to teach you manners. Mom is the "head cat" in your "herd" and she needs to teach you that you can't act like a little tasmanian devil. It takes time and patience, but if she persists, Mom will be very happy with you when you're all grown up.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    I agree with the other posters. Adult cats often don't understand the Kitten Krazies. Harvey, who is two, will still hit Chibi (one year five months) when she comes near. When Leila had her litter (we are a cattery, and breeding under foot) he was so miffed that he kept defecating in inappropriate places to prove that he was The King. Finally, though, he just gave up. He still hisses at the kittens occasionally, but doesn't hit Chibi. Cats can and do adjust. Wait and see. Yes, sometimes cats do need to be rehomed because they simply can't get on with each other. But give it more time.
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    Every male kitten I've had has been big for his britches in this very way. I guess they’re just “being boys.” All my cats have been neutered or spayed from between 4-6 months, too. Watch the cat doing the attacking. If they aren't the one making the racket, it's play. I don't know why my adults make so much noise when the kittens attack, maybe they are just humoring the little guys in "cat," you know, the way we dramatize with sound effects, etc. for our kids when we play with them. All I know is …1-if it goes to far, the adults will let the kitten know it, and …2-they never are really hurt and …3-the kittens always outgrow this behavior. Some outgrow it by 2, others later, but all mine calmed by 3 or 3½ yrs. old.
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