Cooper is withdrawn and mean and I don't know why.

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My cat, Cooper is a 7 year old Male Calico. He has always been docile for the most part with the occasional burst of unexplained energy. But lately, he has been acting strangly. He will meow and rub against you for attention and when you pick him up he will purr and rub some more, and then out of the blue he will growl and hiss, but not try to escape or anything. He just sits with his rear on my chest, his front paws on my shoulder and growls and hisses for no apparent reason. This seems to happen more when my boyfriend is around. (We used to live together and now he just comes to stay the night a few times a week). Another change is that about 2 months ago I got a kitten to keep Cooper company while I am at work since my boyfriend is around as much. They get along pretty well. They play and lick each other and cuddle on the couch and bed. I was wondering is Cooper's sudden change in behavior is something to do with the recent changes in company or if it might be something health related. Cooper is declawed and neutered, while Riley (the kitten) is neither. Also, I had to treat them both for fleas recently due to the fact that Riley was carrying when I brought him into the house. They both seem to be flee-free now as my boyfriend and I bathed them and treated the carpets and furniture, but I am also wondering if the fleas may have caused a change in behavior. By the way, while we were bathing Cooper he bit Stephen, but not me. Do you think there is a fear of my boyfriend? Or could it be a health issue? Sorry to ramble, I just keep thinking of things that might help distinguish the problem. Thank you for your time and input, Jenna

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  • Nichole SanfordNichole Sanford ripleyMember Posts: 647
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    I'm just not sure maybe you call and talk with your vet he might know what it up with the behavior.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    In my humble opinion, you've asked a lot of Cooper in the past months. Cats are creatures of habit. At precisely 10:15PM, if I am on the computer, Izzie comes and sits in front of the monitor and stares at me. It's time for his wet food treat and he knows it! There have been a lot of changes in Cooper's life recently, and he's having a hard time accepting them. Your bf moved out, you got a little interloper who is probably wearing Cooper out with kitten krazees, and he's got to prove himself to Riley that he "owns" you and the place you live. His life has pretty much been turned upside down, at least in his opinion. What to do? Some really intense play and love time between you and Cooper. Grooming, favorite treats, feather pole teasers/laser light playtimes, etc. You need to really make it up to him. I'd say he's not afraid of your bf, just of more changes. And, we always do recommend that if there's been a sudden change in behavior, a call to your vet can't hurt. Good luck!
  • Rebecca BoydRebecca Boyd BroomfieldMember Posts: 784
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    I know my cat Lily started to act differently when I brought home another cat. Cat's still bewilder me and I've had at least one since i was 6 yrs. I wish they have a behaviorist for cats like they do for dogs! One question tho... I've heard calico male cats are very VERY rare... is that so or a myth?
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