Is this mean behavior or is Belle just trying to play?

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Belle is a VERY playful cat with us, and she is the only pet in our home - and is strictly an indoor cat. However, our neighbor's outdoor cat, Sugar, comes to visit Belle sometimes. He comes up onto our deck and sits in front of the sliding glass door (and Belle is on the inside of the door looking out), and he is clearly very mean to her. He puts his ears down, puts his tail down, and hisses and lunges at Belle (even though there is a door in between them - so neither cat gets hurt). However, I'm really confused whether Belle is being mean back or if she's just trying to play with Sugar. She can't take her eyes off of him, and her tail swishes from side to side very fast (today it got poofy too), but her ears are up, and she doesn't hiss or growl at him. However, she sometimes 'lunges' at him or looks like she's trying to pounce on him...or sometimes she will hunch her shoulders the slightest bit while she's watching him hiss and spit at her. Is Belle being mean to Sugar or playing??

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Chances are, Sugar thinks that wherever he roams is his territory. And, Belle is IN his territory. Therefore, he thinks he's within his right to hiss and growl at her. If she were outside, he'd probably chase her away or fight with her. Belle sounds pretty laid-back. If she weren't, she'd be going through the screen at him (watch for this in summer when the patio door is open. Delilah went through the screen after a "visitor" last summer) I don't think Belle is being "mean" to Sugar. I think Sugar is just a "street-wise" kitty who wants to keep his territory free of other kitties. I would not encourage any "playdates". Belle might be willing but I don't think Sugar would be.
  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    Usually the poofy tail is an attempt to look bigger. She sounds as if she has just about had it with this visitor coming to her door and threatening her. My cats all love each other and are sweet cuddly girls with people and with each other. But if they do something to tick one another off, the fur will fly. I have found my black girl and my white girl each with a mouthful of the opposite color fur. It doesn't make them mean and they do get over it with each other, but it's just how cats act when they get defensive. I would try to discourage the visiting cat as much as possible. Clearly he is mean and does not respect Belle's territory. Sometime indoor cats will react to things that bother them outside their window and then have behavioral problems because of it. You don't want your good girl getting snippy with you or even urinating inappropriately because of this.
  • phil lantzphil lantz Member Posts: 8
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    Please be very careful that your sweet kitty does not turn on you and attack you . I agree that the ouside cat should be discouraged from coming by. This is so frustrating to your cat. My cat goes berserk and attacks me. I am the one who wrote that the vet wanted to pull my Buttons' teeth. This was the problem .Another outside cat came by and as Buttons could not get to it, took it out on me. Please be careful. I ended up in the ER and now cover the windows and watch if she is on her screened porch to make sure she is calm before allowing her back in the house. This is called Territorial aggression and very common. Believe me your sweet cat is not playing. She is very angry. Phil
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