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Okay, so my 1 year old cat Mollie was spayed yesterday. She spent the night at the vet and I picked her up this morning. She has been sleeping all day and her movements are slow and careful when she walks around (to find a new spot to sleep) I have gotten her to eat twice (both times she just ate a few bites of wet cat food) She is usually a very talkative cat but she hasn't made a noise since I've brought her home. I am worried that she is in horrible pain . . . the vet didn't prescribe any pain meds and at the time I didn't think of it. Now it's the weekend and I won't be able to get any until Monday ( two whole days =( ) I really don't know what to do other than let her rest in peace and hope she will recover swiftly. I feel so helpless and like a bad pet owner. Does anyone have any kind of advice for me . . . how long will she be in this much pain?

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  • Taylor Scobie HumphreyTaylor Scobie Humphrey hanging out around the houseMember Posts: 267
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    Your vet should have automatically prescribed painkillers. She IS in a lot of pain. Older-trained vets sometimes do not prescribe painkillers~~it's fairly new. The thinking was that animals were not in pain because they didn't act like human beings and make a big fuss. Well, of COURSE they don't act like humans. They're ANIMALS! And weakness on the part of an animal in the wild might lead to death because the animal will be seen as weaker than the others. There is an opiate derivative for animals called butorphanol that can be prescribed and it works like a charm. Is there a 24-hour emergency vet you can go to? Call them up and explain the problem. If it's 20 miles away it's worth the drive for little Mollie. If you know her weight they may not need you to bring her in. My little Lilibet was given butorphanol for about a week after her surgery. It's a little bitty pill. There is also a shot but I don't know if that's the same thing. Poor baby. You are NOT a bad mother!
  • kathy loftkathy loft BellevilleMember Posts: 2,200
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    I'm not a cat but when I was "spayed" lol it hurt like heck. Your vet may not have given her pain meds because pain pills hide her pain. She would probably be running around and playing like a 1 year old cat does if given meds, she needs to rest and be calm in order to fully recover. She'll be feeling much better in a couple of days. She knows what she needs at this time to heal, and that is sleep and easy movement. Don't worry about giving her pain meds, your baby will be just fine. Have a good one and all my best.
  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    None of my five have had pain killers after their spay surgery. And my vet is pretty young so I wouldn't consider her to be too "old school" to prescribe pain meds. I really don't think they needed them. After the first day when the surgery pain injections wore off, they were quiet and slept a lot. Just let Mollie rest. Keep her quiet and don't let her jump or clomb on things. Don't worry too much if she doesn't feel like eating. She'll be fine. Blaze was just spayed a week ago and in a couple of days you would have barely known she had surgery. She got a little marble sized bump reaction to the stitches but now even that went away. Just please do not try to give her anything the vet did not prescribe thinking that you're helping her. Human meds can kill her and she will be just fine without pain killers. If she still seems bad to you on Monday, then I would call the vet and ask about pain medicine.
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    I have to disagree with some of the above answers. Kitty pain killers do not make a newly spayed kitty prance around as if nothing happened. When I went in for my spay, the vet sent me home with my pain pills, and said to give them for the first day, and give more if mom deemed it necessary. I didn't put up any fuss when mom would pill me. Sign right there that I did need them. In fact, for about 3 days, mom could swear I would wait by her when I knew it was time for my pills. Then I would curl up and sleep next to her for the next two hours. It was clear they made me feel less out of sorts, and gave me relief. It took me a whole entire week to feel like myself again (and about 3-4 days of post op pain killers). YMMV. Obviously, you know your cat best, so if you're concerned, it's worthwhile to phone the vet. They might mention an emergency referral on the machine, or give you your vet's emergency number. If not, like the first poster said, look up emergency vets in your area.
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