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I have a sore on my lip. It is scabbing. The vet said it could be my plastic food bowls- I changed t

I am wondering if anyone has had this problem? I really do not want to get blood work or go on antibiotics/steroids because I feel fine otherwise. I don't want to do anything that is unnecessary. Will it heal on it's own? How long will it take for it to go away? Am I ok?

Best Answers

  • Kathleen BKathleen B CincinnatiMember Posts: 135
    Accepted Answer
    Plastic food bowls can cause feline acne. I'm not sure what Nala's sore on her lip is, but the acne is often black heads on their chin. Has your vet seen the sore? It may go away on its own (if that is what it is) since you have switched food dishes. Your vet may recommend trying a topical (like clearasil pads) if it doesn't subside. I would suggest keeping an eye on the sore, check for redness, swelling and if it gets bigger or spreads I'd go the the vet. Otherwise, I would give it some time to see how it goes for about 2 weeks after switching plastic bowls.
  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
    Accepted Answer
    It's always best to use steel or ceramic bowls for kitties. Plastic holds bacteria. But if your sores don't go away you may need another trip to the vet. There's a kitty named Lucy here on Catster that gets terrible sores and hers are caused by allergies. Believe me when I say that Lucy's Mom is on top of all her treatments and calls the vet the minute a new problem comes up. But if Nala has allergies, it may take a while to figure out what is causing it and to get it under control.
  • Terry ShafferTerry Shaffer Member Posts: 4
    Accepted Answer
    It's called cat acne and it comes from using plastic food or water dishes. My cat had a very severe case of it and had to use medication to get rid of it. Why some cats get it and others do not, I don't know. Out of 4 cats, I only had one with this problem.
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
    Accepted Answer
    The others are right and based on what your vet said this sounds like feline acne and is often caused by using plastic bowls. usually all that is required to get rid of it is to stop using plastic food/water dishes. When I got it and initially changed to steel bowls I still had issue and had to change to glass bowls before the acne went away and my chin cleared up. You can get glass desert bowls/small plates at Dollar Store and Walmart very cheap and these make great cat bowls. When I changed to the glass bowls my acne went away within a couple of weeks. Rarely cats will have very severe allergies and changing from plastic won't cure the problem. If thats the case you'll have to work with your vet and may need to use steroids etc. But try just changing the bowls 1st.
    Accepted Answer
    My cat had lip sores too and my vet told me to switch and use only crystal bowls, yes they are spoiled enough, lol, but it did the trick, he never had one again once we started using crystal food bowls, water bowls don't have to be crystal, God Bless!!!
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