I have a cat named pepper and she is such a spoiled cat. She was a stray outside and we adopted her.

I have a cat name Pepper who is exactly a year old this month. She has been the only cat this whole time. She is also a indoor cat, but she will go outside when she can, but not by herself because she got in the back yard with my 4 female dogs, (who do not like cats at all!!), tried to attack her. It's a wonder she survived this because two of the four dogs are blue heeler and pit bull mixed. My husband , the other day, brought home a tiny kitten that is probably about 2 months old (if that), to give Pepper a play mate (since she likes to play alot), and Pepper has been trying to attack her by slapping and growling. I don't know how to get Pepper to like this kitten and to be friends with her. I have to keep them separated by keeping the kitten in my room with the door closed. Well for some reason this morning my kids left for school and accidently left the kitten out with Pepper and when I awoke, I was surprised that Pepper didn't kill her. That is so weird . Can you help me?

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    Cats usually won't kill one another, despite how much they might hate each other, so I wouldn't be too concerned about that happening. The problem is, you didn't introduce them properly. You need to reintroduce them slowly to one another and give them more time to adjust to one another's scent. Here's a good article on how to properly introduce two cats, since the proper steps is too much to fit into one answer in the answer's column: http://ezinearticles.com/?Tips-for-Introducing-Two-Cats&id=28033
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