When does a male cat start marking territory?

I have a 4-6 month old cat and am curious to know maybe at what age most male cats start marking territory and at what age its best to neuter him?

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    They may or may not do it. If they don't have a reason, such as if they do not see or smell other males, they may never do it at all. Males can reach sexual maturity at different ages but your best bet is to have him neutered by 6 months old. My vet recommends 5 months or 5 pounds.
  • Dianne GayDianne Gay TorontoMember Posts: 21
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    My understanding, based on my vet's recommendations over many years, that male cats should be neutered at around 6 months. No later than 7 months. Any time after that, they will start marking/ spraying etc. Once that starts, it will be very difficult to stop.
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    You shouldn't wait until he starts marking his territory to neuter him, because sometimes neutering doesn't solve the problem. Some male cats will not start marking their territory at all, but some will mark their territory even though they are neutered. I think now is the perfect time/age to neuter your kitten. Good luck with the surgery! I'm sure he'll do just fine. And thank you for doing the responsible thing and fixing your pet!
  • Karina van TwiskKarina van Twisk Quito EcuadorMember Posts: 28
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    Most Vets say that the earlier the better so that they won't adopt strange habits like starting making territory for example. Once he's gotten all vaccines, worms treatment and he's in a good health shape you should already consider having him neutered.
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