IM pooping in halway and living room!! And wont stop

My male cat was pooping in the hallway and by the door, we got him fixed (thats not why) and the problem persists. We cant figure out why!!! or how to stop it! help!

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    If you have ruled out any health issues, then you need to rule out reasons for a behavioral issue. Did you make any changes in the household that may be upsetting him? New pets? New family members? Is the box kept clean? Maybe he doesn't like the type of litter or the location of the box. Is it in a private place he can get to easily? If it's covered, maybe he would prefer that it was open or vice versa. He is trying to tell you something. When I try new litter, I try it in just one of my boxes and I can tell right away if they hate it because they refuse to use that one. Try putting a litterbox in the hallway or living room temporarily and see if he will use that and then gradually move it back to where you want it to be. And clean the areas he went in with an enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle to remove the scent he may be going back to.
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