I have 2 male cats that used to be best friends, slept together, played together, everything, then a

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We moved about 8 hours away, and once we arrived, the cats do not get along, the one (Hank) hisses and growls at the the other (Paco), he then gets defensive and fights back. Hank used to wander around, play and come to me for attention, now does not come out from under the chair. It has now been 2 weeks since we have moved with no signs of improvement. Someone, Please help!!

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    A move is a very stressful thing for humans and animals alike. 2 weeks is not a very long time for Hank and Paco to become accustomed to their new home. Chances are they are picking up on smells in your home such as the old residents--human and animal alike. They are wondering where their old familiar home went! They both need much extra loving and playtime with their people. And, if Hank is the instigator of the fighting, it might not hurt, when you see a fight about to begin, to put Hank in a short "time out" in another room. He'll soon learn that when he starts this, he has to go away to be alone for a while, and he won't like that. But mostly what they need is reassurance from you that you still love them.
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    Your cats are very stressed because of the move. They are being very territorial. In anywhere from two to eight weeks, your cat's behavior should improve if they are simply stressed. If you see your cats fighting, break the fight up. Keep Hank and Paco separated. If you have a door separating a good portion of your home from the other, keep the door closed and keep Paco on one side of the door and Hank on the other side of the door. Put food, water, a cat bed, and litter on both sides of the door. Make sure that one side is not much better than the other. Every day, switch which side Paco and Hank can be in. For example, on the first day, Hank is downstairs. On the second day, Paco is downstairs. Lastly, once a week, let Paco and Hank be in the same room to see if they still want to fight. If they don't fight, you can let them be in the same areas of the house all day everyday. In other words, when they stop fighting, you don't have to separate them anymore.
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