My cat is inappropriately eliminating when I leave him overnight (never does otherwise). How can I

20 mo. old indoor/outdoor cat gone overnight (3 times in two months) poop in the house no litterbox issue, he uses the dog door to go out when I'm around plenty of food and water, doesn't eat/drink excessively

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  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    "Break this behavior" is probably not as appropriate an expression as "understanding" this behavior. My Harvey, an indoor cat, has used his poop on numerous occasions to communicate displeasure. He hasn't done it recently, but he has always done it on something with my odor on it--my handbag, my laundry, whatever. His reasons? Sometimes he just doesn't want me to go off to work (and I did stay home, and I had to tell a lie to my employer as to why). When Leila had her kittens, he got very jealous, and was pooping up a storm--but ONLY on my personal belongings. Simply put, it's a cat's way of asserting their existence. He doesn't do it now--cats do adjust. Your problem sounds behavioral, but just to be sure, have him checked out by your vet. How to stop this behavior? I don't know. He is telling you that he doesn't like being left alone.
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