What could be the cause of my cat pooping everywhere?

My cat just had her first litter of kittens on May 16 and ever since she has been pooping everywhere.It appears to be diarrhea. She runs crazily around the house as if she's running from something and then she poops! Anywhere. Under the table, ON the table, on the furniture, just about anywhere but in her box. The first time she did it was right after she had her kittens and I remember this because she POOPED ON THEM! I was thinking that maybe she was 'marking' them because we have other cats in the home, and in addition to that we had brought three Jack Russell puppies into the house at about that same time. Alot of changes were going on, so I thought maybe it was her nerves. It was odd because of all the cats, she was always very good about never going outside of the box. I'm concerned and a vet is definitely on the agenda ASAP, however I'm just wondering what you think could be the cause, and whether or not it sounds common, and what I might do to help her. She also feels feverish.

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  • Don LloydDon Lloyd Member Posts: 1
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    I'm certainly not an expert here ... just another cat owner and lover. I will tell you that cats often do things like this in order to simply get your attention. I had a female cat who had gotten a urinary tract infection and I didn't respond to getting her treated like I should have. I didn't know. She began urinating in places that SHE knew would be VERY obvious to ME. The bathroom sink. I did get the message. I took her to be treated and she never again did that outside her litter box. Cats are quite intelligent as all of you who know and love them already know, and they are very resourceful. It sounds like your new mama is really trying to tell you something with her behavior ... maybe it is that she is having trouble trying to raise her little babies with all the activity around the house ... too nuch noise ... too many other animals, whatever. I think it is her only way to cry out to you that something is dramatically wrong in her life. Maybe medical. See your Vet ASAP.
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