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Now, I've gotten my female cats spayed in the past, but I've never had a male kitty before. I got Julius neutered yesterday (He was reaching the marking stage, Ruined three pillows and a comforter in one night...While I was in bed!), but I had to have my sister pick him up and she didn't know to ask when to bring him back to get his stitches out. Is it different for neuters? I know it's ten days for a spay, but they didn't tell her to bring him back, so I'm confused. I also have a question about confinement. I got him back a day before they wanted to release him because I'm staying with my sister (Over an hour away, but I wanted him to go to a vet I trust) and it was the only day I could get him. They told me to restrict his movement to a 3X3 crate, but since my bathroom is about 3X3 I have him in there. He hates being alone though, and he cries constantly. Should I put Mieke in there with him, or should I worry about her being too rough? Do I have to just give him tough love? Thanks.

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  • Kitty_Pryde_and_JackKitty_Pryde_and_Jack los angelesMember Posts: 317 ✭✭✭
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    Well, both my kitties were released the same day after surgery-but the only one who seemed to be effected was Kitty, who was spayed, but they gave her internal stitches that dissolve so she wouldn't have to come back unless there was a problem. With Indiana, the only bad thing that happened to him were the side effects of sedation like I mentioned before, but once I picked him up, he was pretty impossible to stop from jumping and playing! They also put an internal stitch on him, but since the neuter is far less complex than spaying, the doc said he should be fine playing. Maybe that is the same for your kitty? If Mieke is calm, that may help him to be comforted and heal better. I know with Indy, you would never know he has surgery because he is still a firecracker! Is there a small room you can leave him in? maybe that will make you and him feel better since he won't be squashed in a crate, but still won't be playing like crazy with your other kitties? good luck!!!

    Kitty Pryde and Jack

  • Carol MarfutaCarol Marfuta SanfordMember Posts: 11
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    I didn't have to go back to Dr., either. I'm an only child, so I didn't have anyone to wrestle with. I didn't want to, anyway. Just wanted to be near Mom & sleep. I went under her bed & slept. Mom says you should try to let Julius out & see what he does. If he gets too rambunctious you can put him back in the bathroom or a bit bigger room by himself or with you-could be a good bonding time if he wants to sleep on your lap. Besides this, call your vet & ask them-just to ease your mind.I volunteer at a shelter where they are trained to spay/neuter as young as 6 wks, & they rarely kept a pt. overnight as long as you had no complications, you should be fine. Julius is only crying because he needs your love &'re a great parent, & if you're too anxious, call your vet tonight-they should have someone on call who can relieve your concerns. Good luck & we send hugs & purrs.
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