How do I keep my kitty safe from roommates and a dog in the house!

I have recently purchased a kitten from a breeder and will be getting him a couple of weeks after I move into my new townhome. I have three other roommates, one who has a dog. I have no issue with the dog and know him to be gentle and good with cats, I also have no issue with my roommates, I know them to be responsible. I do however have some reserves about putting all my faith in this! I plan to have a full time job once I move, and have been non-stop stressing about the safety of my cat when I'm gone, both about the dog being around and my roommates accidently letting my cat outside. I live on a busy road and am absolutely paranoid about my little guy getting out and getting lost, or worse, getting hit by a car. My question is, would it be ok to keep my cat locked in my room while I am at work. I have the master bedroom (large bedroom area, hallway, walk in closet, bathroom, separate vanity area.) I really do not know a solution to keep my cat 100% safe while I'm gone!

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  • Cady CalamityCady Calamity Member Posts: 214
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    It sounds like you have the kitty suite of a lifetime. He should be fine in your little suite with his food, water and box. Just be sure to give him lots of love, and I'd actually encourage your roommates to visit him, if he'd be in there alone. Honestly, I'm a big advocate of the two-kitten policy, as they tend to be less lonely (especially when they're young). But if one is all you want or can afford, it doesn't mean you're a bad person. Just make sure he has lots of stimulating toys to play with and plenty of scratchers, though some kittens are more destructive than others. I have three kittens and my house has remained unscathed for months, but my sister's kitten destroyed my couch in the two days she visited so I could get her spayed. Just plan ahead. Kittens are very active, and a bored kitten is a timebomb. You don't want to get home from a long day of work and find a nervous ball of energy, that's no fun for either of you. I've found that toys that hang from doors are fab. :)
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I would add that you share your concerns with your roomies. Examine your new place for ways your kitty could get out and remind your roomies that they must close doors after them when they leave and keep one eye on the kitty when opening a door. In addition, do not 100% trust the dog as being 'gentle and good'. Take the time to establish a relationship between the cat & dog with much supervision while the friendship is "new". Do not let the kitten harrass the dog as that can cause anger issues And remember that dogs are predatory creatures. Keep an eye on the little guy and make sure he has a place to escapt to should the dog decide that he's had enough.
  • helen roycrofthelen roycroft DublinMember Posts: 17
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    Strangely enough, there was a thread yesterday on another kitty chat forum on an almost identical situation, and sad to report, the roommates left the back door open and the cat disappeared,and has been missing since (a month now). I would agree that you can keep your kitty in your room during the day, but that another kitten would make him so much happier. A female would probably be easier to match with a male, and can I make an appeal to get the second kitten from a shelter? There are thousands of beautiful kittens needing loving homes out there.
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