my cat has had a stuffy nose and sneezing almost all his 5 years. and it gets so bad that he cant ev

i cant afford to take him to a vet. i really want to help him. sometimes its totaly gone and then the next week you can hear every breath he takes, and thats the way he's been all his life.

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  • Sandy NenningerSandy Nenninger PlainvilleMember Posts: 1,975
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    That is reallly sad. If the poor thing has not had any vet care in the last five years, it is a miracle he is still alive. A cat that can not smell will often not eat. It sounds like he may have either a Herpes virus or else Feline Leukemia to be continuiously getting upper respiratory infections like that. Although it may just be allergies if he is somehow getting over them without any medicine. There is really not much anyone can suggest without a vet to diagnose the problem. He might benefit from a L-lysine supplement which you can purchase online. (Viralys) It's an amino acid that helps boost the immune system. It can't hurt him as it can also be given to healthy cats. But what he really needs is to see a vet.
  • Tina BTina B Vancouver IslandMember Posts: 2,238
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    You really need to see a vet, but you can get L-lysine I give it to one of my cats. You can buy it at the health or drug store, just make sure it doesnt have alot of other things in it. Buy the capsules, break it open and sprinkle half of it on wet cat food (250mg) and mix in very well. It takes a few days to get into their system, but if you miss a day it goes out of the body very quickly.
  • Lori oostendorpLori oostendorp rocktonMember Posts: 5
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    Sounds like your cat has an allergy to something in his environment. He really needs to see a vet for some tests and meds to treat his allergy. Do you have a vet school near you? Often, they will treat pets a lot cheaper because it's the older students doing the exam and tests, doublechecked by the teachers. The meds by themselves are not expensive, or hard to give. My sisters cat is so allergic to ragweed in addition to sneezing and wheezing he also gets his eyes gooped shut without meds for his allergy. You cat is probably allergic to something like dust or mold, which is a year-round allergy. Try supercleaning the house first. If he still sneezes please try to find a way to have him evaluated by a vet. Human meds for allergies are not good for kitties so please don't try to do that. Good luck, I really hope your kitty is better soon.
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