Cat stopped eating/acting hyper

Kara BarrKara Barr LancasterMember Posts: 105
So my cat has some ear problems..she had her ear removed about 2 years ago and lately it has starting puffing up (the vet thinks maybe tissue is trying to grow under the skin where the ear was)..when this happens she stops eating (it hurts her bc of the intense pressure) and she acts very lethargic. We deal with this by just draining the ear out and it is at least a temporary fix. Well now she has gone about a day and half again without eating (i give her wet food and she is refusing it.. i just tried milk and she refused as well). The only thing is, her ear is not puffing up so there is no pressure i can see, and she is acting extremely hyper. She doesn't "seem" to be in pain and keeps jumping up on the bed and coming downstairs and walking all over the place. She spent the ENTIRE night jumping up on my bed and hitting me in the face with her paws (like she wants something). My vet isn't open til Tues. so any suggestions?? I need her to eat.. any explanation for this behavior??

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  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    Not sure what could have caused it but not eating for more than a day can be extremely dangerous for cats. Try some things like canned human tuna or cooked chicken or Gerber's stage 2 meat baby food (check no onions) to see if you can tempt her to eat. If she won't eat take her to an emergency vet today so they can figure out what's going on and treat her / show you how to syringe feed her til she wants to eat again. Because she's behaving strangely you'll need to take her to the vet as soon as they reopen but if she's not eating don't wait as a couple more days of not eating could kill her.
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