Our kitten poops in his litter box, but will not urinate in it, he keeps urinating on our couch. Wh

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    First, you need to have him checked out by the vet specifically for a urinary tract infection. If it hurts him to pee in the litter box, he won't do it. I just had a bladder infection and I can tell you, THEY HURT!! If that checks out OK, then he may be marking and you need to have him neutered if he is not yet. Clean the spots very well with an enzymatic cleaner like Nature's Miracle (Petsmart) and a scrub brush. If he smells himself in one particular spot, like your sofa, he will continue to go there. If it's soaked in, you may have to replace the cushions/foam because that's nearly impossible to clean unless you have a professional do it. Talk to your vet when you take him in for the urine culture and ask them for their advice also.
  • Julie VentrigliaJulie Ventriglia Member Posts: 2,923
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    It's common for cats with medical problems to begin eliminating outside of their litter box. For example, a urinary tract infection or crystals in the urine can make urination painful—and both are serious conditions that require medical attention. Cats often associate this pain with the litter box and begin to avoid it. So if your cat has a house-soiling problem, check with your veterinarian first to rule out any medical problems. Cats don't always act sick, even when they are, and only a trip to the veterinarian for a thorough physical examination can rule out a medical problem. If you can rule out a medical problem, you should check out this website for more suggestions on how to solve the problem: http://catinfo.org/litterbox.htm#Top_reasons_for_a_cat_to_stop_using_his_litter_box
  • Sue KaufmannSue Kaufmann CranfordMember Posts: 1,465
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    A visit to the vet is definitely in order, and the advice on thorough cleaning is spot on (no pun intended). if a physical issue is ruled out, you might want to get a second litter box. Some cats like to have one box for pooping and another box for urinating.
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