my 19 year old cat goes into these scratching fits. 4 vets could not tell me why. Steroids helped

my 19 year old cat goes into these scratching fits. 4 vets could not tell me why. They've pulled his teeth and treated him for ear mites but that didn't help one bit. It wasn't either of those. Steroids helped tremendously but we stopped after his breathing became extremely labored after getting a shot. The vet said to try fish oil since that's supposedly a natural anti-inflammatory. I've been using that for almost a month with no changes. I can force him to go into one of these fits, by touching his nose or cheek. and when it happens on its own the cat will be in a ball scratching violently, so much so, that he won't stop when he's falling down the stairs. He'll also pee when this happens. Has anyone ever heard or seen something like this? he's so miserable and I'd love to help him since he's an amazingly healthy cat otherwise. I just don't want him to have to live like this. I worry all the time that he'll get hurt or something while in this "fit"

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I'm sure there are veterinary dematologists. Check in your area for a veterinary specialty or "referral " clinic. You may need to be referred by a vet, but these are the people who can help you.
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    The dermatologist is a good idea. There is also a group called Cats with Allergies you should check out If there is anything going on with their ears or teeth this can cause symptoms similar to what you are seeing. Usually its much less extreme though. Here's some things to make sure get ruled out if your vets haven't already done it. Even though they puilled his teeth he could have retained roots that are still causing irriration/inflamation/infection. Check the x-ray on Freckles page - she has no teeth all the white blobs you can see are roots that were left behind after teeth fell out and 1 was causing a problem. Ask for x-rays if he hasn't had any. He could have a chronic yeast infection in his ears. Th evets should have checked taht already but make sure. High blood pressure can cause ringing in cats ears. I doubt this could cause what you are seeing on its own but get them to check it to make sure its not making the problem worse. Hope you figure it out
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