Need Flea Help :(

Well... we're short on money and when I found fleas on my little kitten i imeediatly went and rushed to the store for some collars and drops. We got Hartz Ultaguard Plus and applied it as soon as we got home. Now I know its only day one, but im reading all this stuff about hartz killing pets and it worries me cause my kitten is such a little angel. We have 2 other cats aswell who have fleas and we only bought 2 boxes since we thought we could split the one for adult kitties between em two but assumed otherwise so we were going to get another box today. But now im afraid that this could harm my kitty :( I know frontline is the top nothch one, but i also read about THAT not working, plus we cant afford that for 3 cats + my mothers dog (Who we infact just cant keep anymore since its too much money and suffering due to how my parents treated her thinking that they were doing right ) I really dont know what to do. Are there any decent products out there that dont cost a fortune?

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  • Amanda SundbergAmanda Sundberg TulsaMember Posts: 257
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    Be careful with Lucy as she looks fairly small. Make sure that the products you are using on her are labeled for use on a kitten her age. As for Hartz killing pets, I've never seen it personally but at our vet we don't recommend the flea prevention products sold at pet stores because the regulations on them are too lax. I think that for flea prevention Frontline is the best product I've worked with, though you can get a flea shampoo and try that, it only kills whiles its lathered, so lather her and let her sit 10-15 minutes before thoroughly rinsing. Preventative measures on your part would help as well. Remove your animals for the day and bomb the house and then vacuum religiously every other day. Remember that the ointments on the back of the next are designed only to kill the flea when it bites, not keep the fleas off the animal. Unfortunately you may still see fleas that jump on the animal and stay there until they bite them.
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
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    Take off the flea collars. they are worthless except for cut up and put into a vacuum bag. They can also make kitty sick. Hartz products have been known to cause seizure and death in cats and I would avoid using them (I have personally witnessed both at the animal hospital I work for-mom talking here). Frontline or Advantage are the products you want to use. There are ways to save money using these products... The large dog size of Advantage has 4 vials with 4.0 mL per vial. You can apply this to cats (it is the exact same product for dogs and long as you are NOT using AdvanTIX) using the following guidelines: Cats up to 9 pounds - 0.4ml Cats 10+ pounds - 0.8ml Dogs 11-20 pounds - 1.0ml Dogs 21-55 pounds - 2.5ml Dogs 55+ pounds - 4.0ml If you're using Frontline, use the following guidelines: Cats 0.5ml Dogs 11-22 pounds - 0.67ml Dogs 23-44 pounds - 1.34ml Dogs 45-88 pounds - 2.68ml Dogs 89-132 pounds - 4.0ml
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I know how expensive it is to have animals and keep them healthy. Frontline Plus is the best. The over-the-counter drops, sprays, powders, etc. don't work nearly as well. All the animals in your home have to be treated, unfortunately, even if they are not going to be kept. And, your home may also have to be treated as fleas can infest carpeting, furniture, etc. You can purchase a flea spray from your vet. Pet store flea sprays also don't work well. Vacuum very well and throw the bag out as the fleas aren't killed just by the vacuuming. You can also vaccum up some powder and then vacuum your home. Fleas on kittens can be very unhealthy as they can cause worms and eventually weaken and kill the kitten. Frontline really doesn't cost that much, considering that it works and it lasts for a month. Check with your local animal rescue. They may be able to help you out with the flea meds.
  • diane waltersdiane walters Member Posts: 1
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    If you are short on money check out I use revolution on my cats. Be careful and use the weight guideline
  • Lin McBay-FLin McBay-F Member Posts: 8
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    well, you could get some advantage, it is about $25.00 but your cat must be over 8 weeks, if you do put it on one cat and not the other, the one the you didn't put it on might lick the other one and might foam at the mouth but that i natural.Non-toxic (we have used it a lot and it works) Buy at vets.
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