Flea treatment for cats that works?

My indoor 1 yr old cat still has fleas. I used Advantage less than a month ago. The vet said that flea control has been extremely hard this year. ANY SUGGESTIONS??

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  • Tabitha HoagTabitha Hoag Member Posts: 9
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    See if you can find a vet that will give them Revolution. We had horrible fleas at the begging of this year before we moved because our yard was a giant sand pit. When we had our cats fixed they gave them a shot of revolution and by the time they came home to us it seemed like they had no fleas. Our new vet doesn't use it, which really sucks so we've been using Promeris, and it may not seem like it works right away but it actually paralyzes the fleas jaws to where they can bite, or something along those lines. It took about 2 weeks with that and I haven't seen a flea on our cats since.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Have you treated your home and the grounds around the foundation of your home with a spray "flea bomb"? You also need to vaccum your entire house including all furniture, bedding, carpeting, drapes, etc. Fleas can jump pretty high and just wait for a "host" to walk past to jump on them. If you don't rid your living quarters of them, then you will just keep having a reinfestation,and at that point,it doesn't matter what you use on them. Flea bombs are available from your vet. Don't waste your money on the ones sold in stores as they don't work well. When you vacuum, throw the bag out. The vacuuming itself does not kill the fleas. You might want to vacuum up some flea powder before you do your home. That might kill most of the fleas in the bag. This is the time of year that fleas are looking for a warm place( like us, our homes and our animals) to spend the winter.
  • Marcia thompsonMarcia thompson Beverly Hills FlMember Posts: 9
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    Izzie is right. You do have to not only treat the cat but also your home. I have three indoor cats in Fla and I never had a flea problem inside until I had fostered a litter of kittens. There is a professional insect and pest killer store in town, which I went to and they suggested a product called Precor 2000 Plus Premise Spray by Zoecon. You have to vacuum real well, then apply treatment in specified areas. Then you reapply in 14 days, if necessary. The product worked real good. It is a year later since I did it and no fleas and that is good considering that I dont use any flea treatments on my cats because I dont like putting poisons directly on their skin. You can find this product on ebay or any internet search. Hope this helps.
  • Kendall AsherKendall Asher TexasMember Posts: 48
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    When i first got my kitty i had the same problem-my cat had fleas. she was pretty much covered in them. i went to the store and got my cat Adams flea and tick spray, it works but it is a PAIN in the but to use it, but the Frontline and advantage are the best brands that you could buy, so i would stick with those two. Hope this Helps, Licorice
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