Since having a bladder stone Matrix won't use the litter box. What can I do???

He won't squat to pee like he used to do, now he sprays, and he does it everywhere! He's even been pooping on the basement floor and in the dirty wash baskets.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Matrix is totally weirded out by what happened to him. I've heard stories of bladder stones and how much they hurt. Matrix is associating the litter box with much pain. When I first got Lily Rose and she was stressed out from being adopted and being sent to another home, she also peed on my piles of laundry. I just learned to put the laundry piles in the closet and close the door. After she got over the stress, she started using the box. You might want to get a new litter box--one that looks completely different from his old one and even put it in a different place for him. You can also use "Cat Attract" litter. Matrix isn't doing this to be "bad", he's doing this because he's stressed and associates the box with pain. Make sure you wash the spray and poop spots completely with "Nature's Miracle" enzymatic cleaner (Petsmart) to get rid of his odor. If it continues, he may need to temporarily be on an anti-anxiety medication like kitty Prozac from your vet.
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