Is this normal when a cat has fleas?

I have been finding fleas everywhere in my apartment, which best explains why my cat is always scratching her head and neck and even under her chin. She is scratching so bad that she is developing scabs and clumps of her hair are pretty much falling out everyday. Im scared she is developing some type of skin infection. So far, we have sprayed the apartment with this special flea remover. Also have shampooed her with flea remover shampoo and sprayed her with medicated flea killer stuff. And on top of all that we have also sprayed her with this skin infection stuff that is supposed to help heal her scabs. NONE of it has worked and she is still scratching away. By the way, She is a little over a year old and she was born with a birth deformity (she doesn't have knees on her back two legs). I don't know if that means anything towards fleas, but I thought I might add that in. I just want to help her and make her stop itching! Please help!!

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    It sounds like you have a full-blown flea infestation in your apartment. No, your kitty's birth deformity has nothing to do with the fleas. It's just the time of year the tiny livestock are searching for a warm place to spend the winter. You don't say what you are using, but if you used stuff from the pet store, that's why it didn't work. Some of that stuff can be dangerous to the kitty herself. Go to your vet and ask for their flea preventative and a spray "bomb" to thoroughly spray your apartment. Power-vacuum (you can use flea powder in the bag) EVERYTHING including mattress and curtains and throw the bag out in the dumpster outside (not in an indoor trash can). Take Kitty to the vet also since she has open sores on her body. You may not be able to use flea preventative on her, but I understand there are injections she can get for fleas. At that time, take a stool sample in for a worm check as fleas cause worms. If your infestation is this bad, you need the help of your vet.
  • sharron taylorsharron taylor dagenhamMember Posts: 21
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    You need to buy your flea control from your vet not from the store. Flea control over the counter is not strong enought to cure the problem, thats why it is on prescription at the vets, because of the strength. Never buy any medication over the counter most of it wont work, and in the long run will cost you more as you will as now have to go to your vet with her and have to start again with possibly stronghold or advantage a flea shampoo and a spray to spray your appartment. If she has a skin complaint caused by fleas that is an allergy and she will need treatment to clear that up. as well her deformity has nothing to do with fleas, she must be so uncomftable and ichy, down to the docs is a must. sharron
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