Why does a female cat not recognize her kittens when she is gone for more than 24 hours?

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My cat escaped from the house and she was in heat. She had her kittens almost 6 months ago. She was gone for 24 hrs and came back hissing at her babies, as if she didn't recognize them. Also she slept a long time after her return. I have a few other cats too and she was hissing at them too. Why did this happened?

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  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    Uh oh...it looks like you're going to have another batch of kittens. I hope you will be able to find good homes for all of them. As for the mother cat not recognizing her kittens, mother cats often forget that they are mothers once the kittens are weaned--at least, that's been my experience, alhough I know mother and kitten couples who have remained best buddies throughout their lives. As for the hissing, I've had the cats in the house hiss at another cat who has come back from a cat show or the vet because it smells strange and may smell like other cats. I don't know why your cat hissed, but perhaps she had a rough time outdoors and was in a bad mood. I recommend that, unless you have a good reason for not spaying her, you spay her and keep her inside. Even if she's had her shots, she's in danger of catching diseases or getting run over if she goes outside. There are cheap spay options available; contact a local shelter or the SPCA.
  • Hanna KozikHanna Kozik Member Posts: 16
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    Because if its just had its kittens and its been gone for 24 hours, it wont recognise them cause they are like to small and she doesn't know them properly yet. Hope I helped!!
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    Because she is very likely already pregnant with a new litter and doesn't want the other kittens to take care of, nor does she want any other cat around to potentially harm her new kittens when they are born. In the wild, six month old kittens are considered adults and should fend for themselves, and if you are letting your cat be indoor/outdoor, she is going by that code. She might see the other females especially as threats. I agree with Leila: mom needs to be spayed either right away, or as soon as she can wean the new litter. You also need to get this current batch of kittens spayed and neutered before you find yourself knee deep in kittens.
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