Gemma Morton-DaviesGemma Morton-Davies West MidlandsMember Posts: 1
i have a 3 month old kitten that was hand reared, he has had lots of love and attention and has bags of toys.. but he is VERY naughty, he is very hyper and never stops butis very vicious, hi ears go back and he bites that hard and claws that hard he draws blood everytime. if you move him away he dives at you from a distance and goes for you harder, you cant stroke him as he goes for you.. i was told by the vet when he did this to move hom away out of the room and leave him to calm down, i triedthis but when i go into the hallway he has pood EVERYtime... he is now leaving poo parcels around the house all the time, i just dont know what to do with him hes out of control. PLEASE HELP

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  • Jessica ArendJessica Arend MonroeMember Posts: 17
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    I do the same kind of thing when I'm playing. I'm a little rough, not quite as rough as you. My vet told me that often when we are human/bottle fed when we're little we have tendancies to be aggressive. I was only bottle fed for a short time, so I only act out when I don't get attention (I personally like to knock the lamp over) but I do like to fight as a type of play. As to how to cure it - we're not sure. But we thought we'd tell you what my vet told me.
  • Chrysee HinshawChrysee Hinshaw Member Posts: 474
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    Kittens are taught by their mothers and littermates how to play appropriately, by being hand reared did he miss out on proper socialization with other cats when he was very young?? A kitten learns to not play aggressively because when other kittens do the same, he learns that biting hurts and no one will play with you if you do it. If he bites, you need to remove him from the situation and basically use a "time out". Put him somewhere quiet (and evidently easy to clean) like a bathroom and shut the door and only leave him there for under 5 minutes, tops. This is very serious if he is drawing blood often and needs to be fixed -now-. It will be harder to fix, and much more dangerous, when he is 10lbs as opposed to like, 3.
  • lola nipperlola nipper Member Posts: 34
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    my kitten dose the same i think they are just playing around
  • Jenna SweattJenna Sweatt KilgoreMember Posts: 15
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    My 3 month old kitten, Dax, is the same. We call him "Crazy Cat". He is always attacking my arms and hands. At night I have to tuck my arms under the covers or he is constantly biting me. I have scratches all over me. I love him to pieces but the craziness is driving me bonkers. Even our other cat can only handle Dax in short spurts. Good luck with your cat. I know you need it!!
  • Evelyn KurtockEvelyn Kurtock Pittsburgh, PlantationMember Posts: 4
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    My little Hemingway does the same thing. He is 3 months old and the love of my life, but the biting is just too much. Sometimes it seems like just play, but sometimes it's just too agressive. Just when one set of scratches or bite marks is almost gone, he makes sure there is a new one....I've never had a kitten that bites like this. I'll try the time out. Bathroom is perfect for me, his litterbox is in there anyway. I sure hope it works. Thanks for posting the advise!
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