7 year old cat with distended abdomen

She is 7 yrs old, is not spayed, but is an inside cat. We notice tape worm segments and gave her Drontal to take care of that. He abdomen is large and swollan and hard. I at first thought she might be pregnant, but it's been a few months and no kittens. Took her to the Vet who did blood work, and everything came back normal. Could it be possible the tape worm is causing this, or even possibly that she did become pregnant and something has happend to the kittens before being born? She doens't seem to be in any pain, is eating fine, and no issues with urine or stool passing. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    It's worth another dose of Drontal in case she still has worms. If that doesn't work it would be good to get an ultrasound done to see what is going on inside. That's much cheaper than an MRI/CAT scan and usually works well. If your vet doesn't have an ultrasound machine he should be able to refer you to a specialist in your area who does. If she'd had kittens that weren't born they'd normally have been reabsorbed or caused an infection that should have shown up in the blood test. I did see some TV show on Discovery channel once where a foetus had calcified in a woman and doctors had found it years later during surgery for what they thought was cancer. I think that's pretty unlikely but the ultrasound would see it.
  • Vanessa ClermontVanessa Clermont Member Posts: 1
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    Take her to a vet immediately!! She may have a pyometra(infection of the uterus) caused by repeatedly going into heat and not mating. Bacteria gets into the uterus when she's in heat and then gets trapped there. My cat had the same thing a few years ago, she is also an indoor only cat and was not spayed. They'll need to do X-Rays to see it. The tape worm segments are actually mucus from the infection (I thought the same thing about tape worm though). The only way to fix it is surgery....good luck!!!
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