My cat is currently being fed by syringe. Will be my cat be ok till wednesday?

My Nellie is very lethragic and she wont eat on her own or come to her food when i fill their bowls. I have made appt. for the vet for this coming wednesday, i called my vet soon as she stopped eating her own or come to the bowls and they said it most likely an infection and thats when i made the appt with them. So i brought Nellie her her favorite wet food and a syringe and i am currently feeding with a syringe. She is eating the food from syringe and keeping down and she does drink some water. She is using her litter box though. Will she be ok till wednesday when i take her to the vet on wet food from a syringe?

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  • Ellie CarterEllie Carter SeattleMember Posts: 2,252
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    Nellie Dear, you need to eat! Is she drinking anything? Is there any way you can have them bump up the appointment time? Is she eating the food from the syringe? Is she keeping anything down? She she using her box? I would call your vet tomorrow and let them know all of her symptoms, including the answers to the questions above. See if you can get in tomorrow rather than Wednesday. Cats can go longer without food than water, but it is still very dangerous for them to not eat. She absolutely must have water though, so you might use the syringe for water too. Just little bits at a time. Purring for you!
  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    I'd try to get her to the vets earlier if you can. If it's an infection and they put her on antibiotics it will take a couple of days for her to start feeling better. The vet can also give Nellie appetite stimulants and fluids if she needs them to help her start eating. It's difficult to get cats to eat/drink enough with a syringe and the sooner you can get her appetite back the better as cats can get serious complications/liver disease if they don't eat. Feeding her water/wet food with a syringe is the right thing to do. Getting a nutritional supplement like Nutrical would be a good idea as you don't need as much to get her the minimum calories she needs. It has a taste most cats like and is a paste you can add to the syringe or just feed from your fingers. PetSmart/PetCo or the vets will have it.
  • Christina WahlChristina Wahl Member Posts: 164
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    Aw my heart breaks for you. I had to do this a few times. Just make sure the kitty is getting fluids and food. Its the best you can do tell you get the kitty to the vet. I hope Nellie feels well soon. HUGS & purrs to you. Let us all know how you are doing after the appt.
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