Chibi- Nellie has upper respirtory problem

She is very nasally and consgisted and she has a stuffy nose. Wether is bacterial or a virus i dont know and they dont know. So they gave her calvamox. I also stated if she did not get any better we can come back and they will check her out again. I do not need to switch cause they dont know if bacterial or virus. They are making their best guess. I am more concerned on making nellie well than care if its bacterial or virus.

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  • patricia ponivaspatricia ponivas Las Vegas, NVMember Posts: 51,847
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    Sometimes the vet doesnt know, they can just give it their best guess. I agree with you, as long as Nellie gets better who cares what kind of a virus it is. The only thing is to make sure if you have other cats that they can't catch it. If your other kitties are properly vaccinated, they probally won't get it. I hope Nellie gets better.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    Well, if you trust your vet, then you know best. I don't live in the States, and the meds here are different from those where you are, so I can't give you advice on that--other Catsters should be able to. I do know that there is a test available for herpes. I can't remember how my vet diagnosed Spike with a chlamydial infection, but the meds worked. But since you want to make Nellie well, trying to get a firmer diagnosis might be a good idea. However, she does seem to be getting better, so keep on with the good work. You are a responsible cat owner.
  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
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    I've dealt with cats that have had URI before. They are very common in kittens. It sounds like Nellie is getting good care. Herpes is the most common viral URI. Bacterial and viral URI's are usually treated the same way, with antibiotics. Viral URI's have to run their course but secondary bacterial infections are very common so antibiotics are still indicated. Be aware that if it is herpes the virus will not just "go away", cats can have flair ups of herpes. Herpes flair ups are usually triggered by stress, and some cats never have a flair up. Nellie is still a kitten and adults can handle the virus better than kittens. You may also want to ask your vet about lysine paste. It has some antiviral properties and seems to help. It's also important that Nellie eat. Clavamox can cause stomach upset - especially on an empty stomach. Canned food warmed up in the microwave is usually appealing. The heat releases more scent molecules. Hope Nellie is feeling better soon!
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I read that the antibiotic actually doesn't cure the virus, it prevents underlying conditions (like bacterial infectons) that may pop up later because of the first illness. That's why they say that if you have the 'flu, it's a viral infection and antibiotics won't work on those but if you get an ear infection (which is bacterial) from the flu, it WILL cure that. Clavamox is a pretty standard antibiotic. My cats have been on it a few times. It worked pretty well,but I think my cats got better mostly on their own.Most of us respect and rely on our vets, but every so often we do hear of a vet who just isn't doing their job. Of course we never want to hear of somebody's furbaby who's sick and since you said earlier than you were worried Nellie didn't seem to be gettng better, we just automatically suggest a 2nd opinion. We here at Catster are not vets, sweet Nellie, (and mom) and we just take our best guess at what could be wrong. We al want to hear that update from you that she's A-OK!
  • Jennifer SzucsJennifer Szucs ChathamMember Posts: 3,765
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    Clavamox is an awesome start. When mine get URI that what they go on. Also enysil-F a l-lysine supplement does wonders!!!! It comes in treat form, powder form or paste form. Easy to give and if I notice any small symptoms of URI I just right away give them this stuff and symptoms go away. Most vet clinics carry this. Another thing you can do is put them in a room with a humidifier. Helps break up their airways so they can breath better. Keep their eyes and nose clean if they get runny. Thats about all you can do its like a kitty cold so it just takes time to get through their system.
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