Why does my cat Continuous vomit?

My cat is three-years-old male. He had been very healthy until November 2009. I switched the food from Science diet to blue buffalo. After almost two weeks, he started to throw up several times a day, sometimes immediately right after eating. My vet tried Famotidine Inj. Cerenia Inj. Small,Dexamethasone Inj and Reglan. Blood work showed everything good except eosinophilia high, they gave him deworm medicine. X-ray showed thicker intestinal wall due to inflammation, endoscope and biopsy turned out no cancer but massive intestinal ulcers and inflammation. I refused to the treatment of steroid due to the side effects which worsens the ulcers. I tried herb, enzyme. He still vomits daily. I am trying pepcid now. He is fed raw meat diet with bony. Does anyone have same experience with my cat? Nothing my vet can do now for my cat. He still eats and drinks but low energy.

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  • Lisa DaversLisa Davers SacramentoMember Posts: 3,642
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    Ask your vet about Budesonide. It is also a steroid but generally has less side effects than the other steroids because it works locally and doesn't get absorbed into the bloodstream. I'm not sure if it would still worsen the ulcers but worth asking your vet. A holistic vet trained in traditional chinese medicine may also be able to help you. My cat Jester also had severe IBD (irritable bowell disease) which sounds similar to what you cat has except I don't think Jester had ulcers, just the inflamation and thickening of the intestines. Steroids weren't a good option for Jester either and I was referred to a vet who had trained in TCM at the Chi Institute. Here is site for the Chi Institute and you can search for vets in your area http://www.tcvm.com/ The vet I saw (Dr Barbara Hodges) was really good and with food changes, herbs and acupuncture she managed to cure Jester of her IBD so hopefully one of their vets could help your cat too.
  • Lill MeadeLill Meade DeptfordMember Posts: 10
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    i know the potential side effects of predisolone and steroids are scary, but they may be necessary sometimes because the alternate would be worse. With IBD, the cat does not absorb nutrients... .. He will throw up because his immune system is fighting. the steroids suppress that response so food could be absorbed and your cat stop vomiting. If you dont do something the inflammation will get worse and cat will become dehydrated which is far more dangerous than steroids. Change of diet is usually necessary to a new protein source but steroids may be needed during the transition. pepcid will just control acid but do nothing for inflammation. I would talk to ur vet about the steroids and the alternatives of not using them..
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