what would cause blood in cat's eye?

My 10 +yr old cat had a terrible bout of histoplasmosis in 2005-2006. She lost sight in her right eye. The vet I had been seeing has moved away and I don't know of any others. Every once in a while her other "not so blind" eye will get real bloody. I have used prednilisone drops, but after reading internet reports, have stopped it because it in itself can supposedly cause blindness. I have treated her initially and occasionally since with Sporonax, an anitfungal medicine, but it is very costly and I can't tell if it actually helps. It must have helped with her overall condition in 2006, but these sporadic bloody eye episodes are confusing to me. I am not sure if the histoplasmosis remains in the system for years. She seems to be eating fairly well, but doesn't move about much -sleeps mostly. I have 3 other cats, one in particular tends to tease and chase her which may or may not have a bearing on this matter.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    It's very difficult for us to diagnose what's wrong with your kitty's eye for a few reasons. #1, we aren't vets here, and even if we were, it would be impossible to diagnose and suggest treatment over the Internet without a hands-on exam. #2, many things can cause a bloody eye. My hubby had severe conjuncitivits over Christmas and both his eyes were cherry red with blood. Your kitty could have a hemmorage, suffered an injury, the list goes on and on. Even if we've had a cat who had blood in their eye, chances are it wouldn't be for the same reason. Your best bet is to take Kitty to the vet for an exam in real time. Treating her without knowing exactly what's wrong is touchy at best.Any time there is blood visible anywhere it shouldn't be, that is cause for alarm. If finances are a problem, many shelters and rescues know of vets who treat at a reduced cost or even set up M*A*S*H units in their shelters every few weeks.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    I agree with Izzie--take Mochie to a vet. It looks like you'll have to find a new one. I myself rotate among three vets, all of whom have their strong and weak points. Bloody eyes are not a good sign, especially with a cat who is half-blind. Actually, I'd never heard of histoplasmosis before your post (as Izzie says, we're not vets here), but I see that it is a fungal infection contracted through soil, especially in warmer areas of the U.S. I've only searched out a few sites on the Internet, but while eye involvement occasionally occurs in cats, I couldn't find anything about bloody eyes. That's why you need a vet check--to find out if the bloody eyes are related to histoplasmosis (which apparently can linger on and be hard to treat) or something else. As for the expense of the medicine--sometimes you have to bite the bullet and pay what needs to be paid. Maybe you can find a vet who will take installments. But first, you must find another vet! Purrs and prayers to you both.
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