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just thought I'd let you know how my stray tomcat is doing. He's really a nice guy except when he comes into the house he starts to pee all over everything. I know he's marking his place or whatever. I only let him in so he can take a short cat nap, then he enjoys roaming around outside. He hasn't bit or swiped at me since the last time I wrote. How do you stop Tomcats from spraying all over the furniture ? He does it when he thinks I'm not looking. Anybody got any answers ?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    If he isn't neutered, that's a BIG reason why he's marking his territory. He will also mark in places where he "smells" himself, so you need to get some "Nature's Miracle" from the pet store. Spray or sponge it on the spots he likes to remove the odor. Then scrub it off with regular pet spot cleaner. He may also have a bladder infection. Or, he may not like his litter box in the house. Make sure it's in a quiet area, that it's VERY clean and that he's OK with the litter. If you can afford it, take him to the vet and explain to the vet that this cat likes to mark everywhere. He should get checked out to make sure he's OK and if you have him neutered, you'll be doing all the stray female cats in your neighborhood a favor. The vet may have some better advice.
  • patricia ponivaspatricia ponivas Las Vegas, NVMember Posts: 51,847
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    Izzie is right. If he isn't neutered please call around to call shelters/rescue groups in your area. There are low cost and no cost clinics for strays. They will neuter him, and give him shots. Tell the groups you are going to trap, neuter and return him to the area. And of course that you are going to feed him.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    It sounds like Tommy is marking. If he's not neutered yet, that is likely the problem. However, a cat who is neutered after kittenhood may or may not be cured of the marking habit after being neutered. The chances are that he will be. Neutering is a relatively simple and inexpensive surgery. If Tommy hasn't been neutered, do yourself and the cat world a favor and neuter him. I'm a breeder with intact cats of both sexes. I also have desexed cats. Tommy, you, and the girls he meets will be happy if you step in and have the family jewels removed. Just my two cents.
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