How to get my cat to use only her litter box?

Almost a few years back I was having problems with her not using the litter box. She had a UTI and was treated for it. She is the only cat in the household so does not fight for anything. but now all of a sudden after over a year she went right back to using the floor. I have had her checked out for another UTI but has come out negitive from 2 different vets. I have also got her x-rayed to see if it was stones but still negative. All in all she is in absolutely perfect health. I have not changed to a diffent litter or moved her litter boxes. She does like her litter box clean so do clean it every day. She has 2 litter boxes in two seperate locations not out in the open. Now when I got her as a kitten she was not litter trained and had to teach her to use it but she did pretty good at learning to but could that have a factor in this problem? I do not have carpet floors so no soil spots from any pets that used to be here. What can I do?

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