my 4 month old kitten keeps urinating on my bed he is fixed and does use the cat litter boxes any i

2 kittens 1 adult all use the cat boxes he just loves my bed especially when clean or fresh clothes never had a problem like this with any of my many cats over the years need a way to convince him to stop they are all fixed the other kitten is his sister and shes fine

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Whenever a cat/kitten stops using the litter box, we always suggest you check with your vet. There is a possibility he may have a urinary tract infection. He may also not like the location of his box if it is not in a "private" area. For 3 cats, it's recommended you have 4 boxes. He may not like the litter. Also, he may be marking you as "his" territory If his urine has soaked through into your mattress, he scents himself there and continues to use your bed--unfortunately he may now consider it as part of his litter box. You may need to have your mattress professionally cleaned or replace it altogether. If you have a bedroom door, keep it closed. Make sure the boxes are kept very clean. Scoop more than once a day if you have to. Make sure the other cats aren't crowding him out of the box or harrassing him while he's in there. With a little research and observation, and a trip to the vet to make sure there's no health issues, you should beable to solve the problem.
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