I have a rescue cat, Russian Blue about 1 year old. It is me and My wife and I wonder if the cat is

Rob robertRob robert Braintree,MaMember Posts: 8
Does our cat need a play mate. It is just 2 adults and the cat does not get interaction. when we travel our neighbor will check her food/water/cat box. Is she OK. She is a Russian Blue and we wonder if she is OK solo or needs a play mate?

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    It all depends on the cat. Some cats like their privacy and to be the queen/king of the house. However others get bored very easily, and need interaction. Considering the cat is of younger age, it may be a good idea to get her a playmate. If possible, you could take a cat you are interested in for a couple of days and see their reaction to each other. If they seem antisocial and unwilling to change their ways, then it may be best just to get many fun toys and cat teasers for your kitty. I hope this helps, and good luck!
  • tubby cat fat and lazytubby cat fat and lazy Member Posts: 1
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    cats are independent and do stuff to keep them preoccupied with grooming, and other cat stuff. so i would'nt worry, shes fine >^o_o^<
  • Kate BKate B Member Posts: 42
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    If you got your cat from a shelter then there's a 99.9% chance that she's NOT a Russian Blue. An all gray cat does not equate a Russian Blue. Russian Blues are rare cat breed that only come from breeders and is not called a RB just because of it's coat color. To answer your question, it depends upon the personality of your cat. You will have to watch her behavior and determine if she is lonely or not. When you're home, does she beg for your attention? If, so then she's asking for more affection. Or does her own thing? If so, then she's fine being on her own. You might arrange a play date with a friend's cat and see if her reaction is more friendly or aggressive.
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