cat is male - 9 yrs old. was at vet treated for a uri and overvaccinated. since then still not wel

cat is male - 9 yrs old. was at vet treated for a uri with antibiotics and was overvaccinated. since then still not well - has loose stools and has been vomiting blood. what can i do to help him - preferably something homiopathic. I know my cat's exact medical history and he is not a rescue cat. I also have worked with rescue kittens. I took him in for a simple uri - they gave him antibiotics that he threw up from day 1 they also gave him multiple vacinations - leukemia, 3 yr rabies and and additional 1 or 2 while he was ill. i called and complained and they want to charge me more money so what is the point. i know what will happen. i complained that they were the ones who made him sicker and that didn't seem to matter to them. I do not have the funds to go back to a vet - being that i am disabled and live on a fixed income.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I'm not certain what you mean by "over-vaccinated." Did he have a reaction to the vaccination or was he vaccinated twice for the same thing? Vets are usually really careful about double-vaccinating. Is he a rescue? Do you know his history? Has he been diagnosed as having had a reaction to the vaccine? In any case, loose stools and vomiting blood indicates that there is a big medical problem. Without a firm diagnoses (and even WITH one), he should be under the care of a vet. If you don't trust the original vet, find another one. This is not something that gives you a long length of time to try to cure on your own. Cats can become dehydrated very quickly and that can be fatal.
  • patricia ponivaspatricia ponivas Las Vegas, NVMember Posts: 51,847
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    Izzie is right, your kitty is really sick and needs to go to a vet. Call other vets around your area and see if one will work with you. Some charge more than others, maybe you can get a payment plan. Not all vets are in the business because they love animals. Some only care about money. Call a local rescue organization they sometimes have vets that do probono work or real cheap. Good luck, I hope your kitty gets better.
  • Kate BKate B Member Posts: 42
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    Sorry to hear about this. It's difficult to know if the diarrahera and bloody vomit is due to the vaccinations, antibiotic or something else. Have you recently changed his food? Did he swallow a foreign object? Also, even if he's had the same antibiotics before it can still cause a digestive upset. Take him to a different vet ASAP as bloody vomit is a very bad sign.
  • sherry LaRosa-Silvestrisherry LaRosa-Silvestri willow groveMember Posts: 888
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    I certainly hope by now your kitty has gotten better. In any event, I also do not know what you mean by "overvaccinated". Why would a vet give a sick cat all of the vaccines you mentioned? That's just plain crazy!! Loose stools and vomiting blood are not a good sign. I would obtain your cat's medical records from your current vet and find a new one! He definitely needs to be seen by another vet or emergency clinic.
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