Stray tomcat isn't a stray, adopting with known marking issue

This past weekend I had a sweet little tomcat decide to adopt me. He is malnourished, has conjunctivitis and an upper respiratory infection. I assumed he was a stray. I took him to the vet Tuesday night, and they discovered that he is chipped. The chip information revealed that Mr. Tomcat belongs to my neighbors! I know, appalling, right? So I spoke with my neighbor, and was informed that Mr. Tomcat was "made an outside cat" due to his spraying problem. Since he is "only an outside cat," they were kind enough to let me adopt him. So, Mr. Tomcat has taken up permanent residence in my garage. He rarely leaves, if ever, and is dying to become an inside cat. Mr. Tomcat has an appointment to be neutered tomorrow, but I am concerned about the marking behavior. Many things I've read say 90% stop spraying. How long do I wait before letting him in my house? My kitty died last month, so it may still smell like her. I am selling my house this summer; can't have him spray!

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  • sherry LaRosa-Silvestrisherry LaRosa-Silvestri willow groveMember Posts: 888
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    First, I am sorry for the loss of your kitty last month. Second, as far as this tom cat is concerned, just keep him in your garage until you sell your house. At least the warmer weather is upon us. I have kept a stray older cat in my garage since December. He goes out when it is nice (daily basis) and comes back in to go to sleep (naps, at night). He is very lovable, but I can't take him inside because of my cat. She'll be jealous. As far as the spraying issue, I am sure that will be resolved when he is neutered. I am glad that you are adopting the tom cat and having him fixed. Your neighbors were very negligent in that area. Finally, have the information on the microchip changed to your information. Best of luck with Mr. tom cat, and selling your home. Take care.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I am impressed with the excellent information you got from Guest. I'd just like to add that even though Mr. T has begged and pleaded with you to come inside, he doesn't know it yet, but he won't be happy there. Once a cat is let out, it's very seldom happy inside for more than a short time. My son and I bring our outside cats in for the night, but during the day, they're outside. In my cat's case, she became very destructive when I tried to keep her in and cost us $500 in damage to our screens and windows trying (and succeeding) to get out. Even though she IS spayed, she still sprays in the house. While neutering will help vastly with the spraying, it's also a territorial behavior and even an altered cat may still have territorial issues, especially an outside kitty. Mr. T will be able to scent your sweet Bridge Kitty even if you can't. I wish you the best of luck, you are a wonderful person for caring about Mr. T. Your neighbors? Not so much.
  • Chelsea PetersonChelsea Peterson Swift CurrentMember Posts: 89
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    i had my cat neutered at 6 months....and now he sprays never ! but with a tom cat who was not spayed b4 6 months has got that bad habbit, the neutering will not stop his spraying it will lessen it and make it smell not soo bad. but as i stated he should of been neutered b4 6 months so that he would have never started ! and who knows....he could be a daddy to alot of kitttens and thats not good cuz if stray tom cats get into fights they usually get feline aids and leukiema and spread to their young ! thats why it is the owners responsiblity to neuter and vaccinate their pets ! other wise they r bad pet owners ! pets should not breed unless they r puredred and ahve champion titles ! so good for you for getting him neuterd !!


  • M LM L Member Posts: 3
    I just wanted to follow up on this post... I had George neutered 8 years ago, and he hasn't sprayed since! I suspect it was stress as his previous owners were drunks who fought a lot. With 2 teenagers and a dog in that mix, I think it just wasn't a place that was suited to his personality.

    He's also transitioned to being an indoor only (outdoors on a harness and leash) kitty very well, and is happy as a clam! He's not too excited about having accumulated 2 cat brothers, but hasn't sprayed once!
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