My cat is having urinary problems

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My cat had a stone 6 month ago & we dissolved it with royal canin so food dry & wet. She is having issues again and peeing outside the litter box and peeing small amounts. Took her to the vet and gave a urine sample they said it was a UTI no crystals found. put her on clavinox. ( she still on So food since her stone) day 3 on antibiotics and still she is only peeing alittle at a time 2-3 times a day. no blood in urine. I am so worried although she is acting normal. I cant afford another stone if she needs surgery.. Do you think it is another stone even though she is on the SO food only. How long would a UTI take to clear up on clavinox? Thank you for anyones help and encouragment.

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  • sherry LaRosa-Silvestrisherry LaRosa-Silvestri willow groveMember Posts: 888
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    I am no veterinarian, but have enough experience with feline health issues to say that peeing in small amounts at a time is not normal. There may be stones or an obstruction in the ureters (urinary tubes). Anything is possible besides the UTI. Your cat should stay on the clavimox for the duration the vet recommended. Don't stop any antibiotics unless you are told to do so by the vet. I would call the vet who treated your cat and tell him/her what is going on. You may have to bring her in for follow-up. Hope kitty is feeling better real soon!
  • Cady CalamityCady Calamity Member Posts: 214
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    If the Clavinox doesn't clear up her problems within the ten days (I think that's the average) or whatever, you need to see the vet. First I want to stress that even if it clears up, continue using the Clavinox for the entire duration of the cycle. If you don't, the infection doesn't fully die, and will come back. Now, first thing you do if the meds don't clear up the problem is take her back to the vet. The most likely problem would be that the infection moved to her bladder. Ask about testing for that. Other than that, there are myriad problems that we really can't diagnose here, but know that a UTI moving to the bladder isn't uncommon. Though it's possible your cat has formed more stones, she would be showing the same symptoms. Since that isn't happening, I think your problem is different, though not unrelated. Just stay calm, be there for your baby, and talk to your vet. I hope she gets better soon!
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