Help!!! My new cat keeps pooping outside the box!

2 months ago, we got our cute little rescue cat when she was 10 months old from our local vet. We already have another 2-year old cat as well. However, our new cat keeps having problems with pooping in the box! We have two boxes, one is the pellet-based Breeze system that she seems to prefer. It has walls but no roof. The other is a covered box that uses clumping litter. Our other cat prefers that one. The new cat has used both for poop, but seems to prefer the Breeze if she uses a box at all. She is constantly pooping outside of the box on the carpet. She even pooped in the shower once about a month ago, and then rubbed her butt on the floor, so we finally took her to the vet and all they did was express her anal glands which were apparently full. However, this has not helped her pooping problem. The vet tech did not have any advice for us, other than that it might just be a strange quirk of hers. We also tried changing her food to a sensitive systems food, to no avail. Please help!!!

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  • Kellyann CookeKellyann Cooke Member Posts: 373
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    I would take her back to the vet just to rule out anything medical. Then I would try some retraining. It may be that she is still adjusting and needs some privacy when she uses the box - away from your other cat - can you put it in a little corner somwhere private? And I would encourage her to use the box - high praise when you catch her in there and keep it really clean. These things happen sometimes - she may be acting out as well.
  • Kelly M-Kelly M- Member Posts: 779
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    The food wouldn't have anything to do with it. My cat Hanna (R.I.P) did this for what seemed like years. Sometimes its the cats way of telling you something is wrong. If your new cat is a large cat, try getting a 10 gallon rubbermaid tub from Home Depot, cut a hole on the side so she can get in, and put litter in it. I know whats what I'm going to have to do with Hunter. Hes only 4 months old and almost as long as my x-large litter box. They need room. Place it in a quiet part of your house, in a corner maybe where she won't get scared easily. Hanna dragged her butt on the carpet because she was too large to clean herself. There are many different reasons why cats won't poop in their litter box. Maybe get a 2nd opinion from another Vet. Good Luck with your new kitty!
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