My cat is urinating all over, usually in small portions and sometimes with blood. He was recently di

Charlie my 8 yrs old cat (human yrs) was recently diagnose with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD). The vet had to unobstruct charly’s urinary tract. Five days have gone by since the procedure and charly has been urinating all over, everywhere (usually small spots of urine and blood), and not using litter box at all, he is constantly licking his gentiles. I took a look at his gentiles and it looks irritated, inflamated, he is usually unhappy, which is very unusual for him. I am afraid the vet did not do a very good job and that charly is in danger. The doctor said the medical procedure went well, the only “problem” he saw was that charly’s penis was not fully developed due to him being neutered at a very young age. Is there something wrong with him or is this normal for a cat after this medical complication? And procedure?

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    You need to take Charlie back to the vet for a follow up appointment. He should be on antibiotics (Clavamox). If he is being treated properly with medication and the proper diet, he should not still be urinating all over the place. Also, his urine should not still have blood in it. This worries me as blood in the urine usually isn't visible to the naked eye. This means that he still has an infection (or possibly an obstruction) which needs to be treated. Charlie obviously is not getting any better and the best thing to do is to get him back to the vet today to see what is going on. Hope he gets better soon.
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