cat hasnt eaten or drank water for 2 days raspy purring

my cat slowly went from eating 2 to 3 times a day to nothing for 2 days and no water drinking she acts like she has a sore throat and hacks occasionally she has been keeping to herself I have an appointment with the vet in the morning I took her in this morning but they didnt tell me they moved geez she also has not been using the litter box when she pees and hasnt pooped for a couple days she also feels warm she has been hacking trying to get something up and has in the past did the convulsing vomiting I assume to remove hairballs but none has ever come up. she acts like she has a sore throat she tried to eat when we got back from wasted trip to vet but threw it up right away so she went back to her hideaway place for rest of day

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    Accepted Answer
    We aren't vets here and can't diagnose or suggest treatment for your kitty, but it sounds like she has an upper respiratory infection or "kitty cold". Find a different vet if you need to, but your kitty needs to be re-examined and possibly given antibiotics. This won't go away on its own and she needs veterinary care. A cat needs to eat and drink to survive. A cat won't eat what it can't smell. Good luck.
  • Cindy BertinoCindy Bertino Santa RosaMember Posts: 1
    Accepted Answer
    I had the same symtoms. I thought I had a 'kitty cold', had a huge fur ball or might have been something I should have not swallowed. When I was at the Vet, I had no fever. Had blood work done and all organs working properly. They gave me a shot for nausea and sent me home with liquid tagamet. My Mom gives it to me 2 times a day. Seems to have done the trick. I apparently had an upset stomach and 'heartburn' possibly due to addition of a new kitten into the house. Good luck and I hope your cats problem has been resolved.
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