My cat has explosive diarehha.

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Hello. My cat, Paul, is five years old and since about two weeks or so ago, he has had unpredictable, explosive diarehha. He is unneutered, if that makes a difference. It can happen at any a bomb or something. He seems healthy in every other way, but this is really troubling me. I cannot go to the vet, as I cannot afford it. I am in college, and all my money is tied up in books. I am sorry about the typos, I'm on dailup and, for some reason, it makes typing like using a typewriter.

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  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    Sweetie, you MUST take Paul to the vet. Other Catsters will advise you on how to afford this. We're not vets here. Explosive diarrhea, as you undoubtably know, is not a good sign. Diarrhea can lead to dehydration which can lead to death. Do Paul a favor, and use any means you can to take him to the vet. Please.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Leila is right. As much as we'd love to hand out free medical advice to people who can't afford a vet, we just can't. If Paul goes outside, he may be picking something up out there. Ask at your student union, or ask around the campus and find out if there is a low-cost vet clinic around. Many campuses have them close-by. While he's there, get him neutered. If he goes out, he's out there making unwanted kittens. This shouldn't have anything to do with the diarrhea, though. Paul does need to go to the vet. If you could, can you take him home with you and ask your parents for help?
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