I have 2 female cats ? got cut off

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I have 2 female cats that I have raised since the day they were born , recently one of them has had a litter of kittens. The sister has become very angry towards the new mother growling and hissing , the mother is still loving. The sister just looks mad at the mother but still is nice to everyone else , even the dogs. Signs of anger were detected about 2 days before the mother gave birth when she slightly growled while being held by some company we had over , which was extremly odd , but now its day 2 of kittens and I'm wondering if this is normal and if they will go back to normal? It cut my last question off for some reason , heres try number 2

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Even though these cats are babies, the "aunt" sees them as interlopers (strangers) in her territory and she is reacting that way. I would not expose the kittens or the mother to the aunt until things have calmed down as she accepts the kittens. The mother cat and kittens should be in a private, quiet area with no disturbances from "nosey" humans, or from other animals who, no matter how nice they are to each other, could attack the new family without provocation. Also, if you have the cats spayed, you won't have this issue again.
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    Unspayed females can get pretty catty with each other, especially when one or both are in heat, or when kittens are born. Kittens and their Mom should be kept isolated from other animals in the household until they are weaned or even later because it takes a while for their immune systems to develop fully. Will this go away? I have two intact cats who have had litters, and they hiss at each other occasionally, but more often at their own kittens. Go figure. Spaying should help with evening out their temperaments.
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