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Cat is super agressive after being spaded 8 months ago why?

i have 2 female cats and had the younger one spaded 8 months ago. prior to having her spaded they were very affectionate with each other and very friendly. but since she was spaded she has been hyper aggressive towards the other cat and at times aggressive towards myself after being aggitated. they have been fighting nonstop for these 8 months. we have tried rubbing their scents on each other, separation, sharing litter, and moving furniture. We constantly have to be on our toes and keep a watchful eye to make sure they dont see each other. please help us, no one has had an answer for us!

Best Answers

  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
    Accepted Answer
    I know this certainly can't be a pleasant situation for you. But I seriously doubt if spaying had anything to do with it. However, if the other cat is not spayed, I would have her fixed. Usually, when one cat returns from a vet after surgery, the other cats do "pick on" it because it carried the odor of the clinic and medication on itself. This usually clears up. Is it possible there is a stray outside that's causing misplaced aggression? Is there something going on in the younger one's life that's causing her to become aggressive? Is someone harrassing her? If she has not been back to the vet since her spay, you may want to at least call and chat with them about her behavior. They may suggest a course of anti-anxiety meds (kitty Prozac). Behavior modification goes along with the meds and they can make suggestions about that as well. Good luck. We hope they become fast friends again!
  • Hope ShepherdHope Shepherd Member Posts: 80
    Accepted Answer
    They are territorial hun, female cats after a certain age need space and fighing can occur sometimes in a multicat household. I have 5 girls and often do they go at it tooth and nail. natural part of life. also if You are paying to much attention to one cat and the other sees this, jealously can occur and fights can break out. Play with them each for half hour or more a day. I recommend getting the other cat fixed as well. Good luck and Happy play dates
  • jessica gunnjessica gunn youghalMember Posts: 126
    Accepted Answer
    i have been told it makes no difference to a cats personality after being spayed but having witnessed my friends cat zoe and what she was like i have to wonder. she was a loving affectionate sweet little thing got spayed and turned into the cat from hell moody vicious and agressive that went on for nearly a year and then suddenly she was right back to herself loving and affectionate we used to joke that it was when she was going through the change! but when you think about it some woman are affected worse than others and its the same hormones almost that your removing with a spay so why shouldnt it effect some cats its been 8mnths already so why not give her a bit of space and see how she is in another few months (by the way they also had a large spaniel who could get a bit agressive herself but she used to cower in the corner when zoe would come into the room now they sleep together in the same bed!)good luck
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