My kitten never had a mom 2 teach her 2 clean herself. How do I teach her 2 clean herself? Doing it

Background info: We just got a new kitten. She's only 6 weeks old. Her mother died early so she was eyedropper fed for a while until she decided she wasn't going to eat that way. She eats wet cat food with formula mixed in now. The people who were trying to care for her introduced her to another mother cat but our kitten didn't want anything to do with the mother since it wasn't hers. She's been to the vet and she's entirely healthy but she hasn't had her mother to teach her the basics. Since she's not able to eat solid foods yet she doesn't have very solid stuff exiting either. Every time she uses the litter box she leaves it with a mess on her bottom. She doesn't clean herself because her mother didn't teach her. I have to clean her with a wipe or damp tissue after she goes potty because she won't. I don't want her to think that I'm going to clean her bottom for her her entire life. The question: HOW DO I TEACH HER TO CLEAN HERSELF?

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    I can almost guarantee you that you won't have to wipe/wash/clean her for the rest of her life. As she matures, she will start to groom and clean herself on her own. When I had kittens, I'd bathe them in the sink, especially their little backsides. You can use a gentle, mild shampoo on them--Johnson & Johnson has a "Natural" line out now that's excellent and non-drying. It seemed to come naturally to them, when they were wet, to groom themselves, and after a while, they took care of their "issues" themselves rather than having the old "wet butt" treatment from me!
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    Kitten will pick up the pace in a few weeks. The front end: If she is having loose stools then it is time to cut back the formula and lets start regular foods. Mash some wet food up and she will start eating. I prefer wet and started kitten dry as a treat at about 8 weeks. If you keep a treat special food like this it makes training for carrier and the like a non-issue. They follow the treats. The other end: Kittens at 5-6 weeks need stimulation after eating to get them going regularly. Use the wet paper towel and wipe her after meals then put her in her pan(No clumping litter for kittens. Use the one made of newspapers.) This will make it easier as she will need a wipe after for a week or so. Once her stools firm up and she get a few weeks older she will take over. If she is a long hair maybe a little trim of the bottom area until this resolves. She will not take over full grooming duties in a short while. Thanks for helping a little fur!
  • jessica gunnjessica gunn youghalMember Posts: 126
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    izzie is right as she matures she will start cleaning herself more and more till one day youll realise shes doing it all herself.she is still very young and if she was with her mum her mum would still be doing the botty clean etc. she probably wouldnt even be able to balance to do it at this stage even if she tried but it will only be another month or so and it will be well worth sticking it out. good luck and give her a quick hug from all of us!
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