The symtoms of this illness/disease is.......

Jessi KnicelyJessi Knicely KimballMember Posts: 272
The symptoms that are killing our cats are the same symptoms of an eye infection or sinus infection like coughing green snot like goup coming from the eyes and nose so what does that mean? why are they dieing like this? is there anything else this could be? how do i stop it?

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  • Lindsay ColbertLindsay Colbert Member Posts: 376
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    It is highly likely that they are suffering from a form of herpes virus that causes a cold like illness in cats but is not transferable to humans. In adult cats it typically only causes fits of sneezing but in small kittens and sickly cats it can quickly become deadly. L-lysine, a supplement you can get at a human drugstore and grind into a powder to mix in their food helps fend off the infection but if the kittens are already dying it's probably much too late for supportive care alone. I second my recommendation that you call around to all the animal welfare organizations and vets in the area until you find someone willing to help you treat these kittens and get their family members fixed. Feline Friendz in Nebraska ( )is based in Omaha but may also help you find local help. I would try the L-lysine but if you don't look for proper help you'll probably just watch these guys die off along with the next litters. People *will* want to help you!
  • Valerie DurhamValerie Durham Member Posts: 8,724
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    I'm not a vet. Catster can help with health advice, but many, if not most, of the time the only advice is go to a vet. Your kitties need a vet's diagnosis and treatment. I must disagree in part with the previous poster: although your cats appear to have a URI (upper respiratory infection), URIs can be viral or bacterial in nature. The presence of "green snot" is a sign of a bacterial infection. Herpes is a virus. A cat with a viral infection can then develop a bacterial infection, just as people with colds can develop bronchitis. Bacterial infections are relatively easy to treat with antibiotics IF the infection is caught in time and IF it's the right antibiotic for the infection. URIs do not commonly lead to death, however. One condition that sounds like it MIGHT be what your cats have is feline bordetella, which can develop into pneumonia and result in sudden death. Google it. Whatever your cats have, only a vet can diagnose and treat it. Good luck and purrs.
  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Chibi and Hannah, although they disagree on a point, are right. If you are rescuing and caring for homeless kittens, you need to contact a local shelter or humane organization for help. We cannot help you with medical advice here, as Chibi has said. We cannot diagnose and treat these babies through a computer, even if we WERE vets. If you simply have a lot of unspayed/neutered and unhealthy cats and they are breeding, you "stop" it by having them fixed. Your cats are very ill. As we've said in previous answers, if you don't get them to a vet, about all you can do is watch them die. You can explain their symptoms to us until a week from next Tuesday in post after post, but we simply cannot help you. Only a vet can diagnose and treat these babies and save them if possible. And then he or she can spay and neuter them to stop them from reproducing any more unhealthy kittens. Good luck. We'll send purrs and prayers your way!
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