Could it be worms?

Our cat was having issues peeing and then started going on the floor. Was told there was bacteria in his urine and 10 days of antibiotics seemed to do the trick. A few weeks after that he started overgrooming his neck. Then randomly pooping on the floor - like he wasn't aware he was about to go. And then his eyes started running an looked painful. To the vet we went. He was dewormed (again) and put on new antibiotics and given eye drops. This morning I saw him go near his box, sniff it, and walk away. Then his rear haunches started to tremble. I picked him up and put him in the box. He pooped. He tried again, but nothing. As he was running out of the box he pooped again, on the floor. I don't understand what's going on. The vet also mentioned that he now has a heart murmur that wasn't there just a few weeks ago. I'm overly worried about the little guy and I just want him to be okay. The vet said worms could be cauing all of this (stool sample was neg). Comments?

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  • Betty M- MurphyBetty M- Murphy Member Posts: 31
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    It sounds like in addition to having worms, that he now could have constipation also. I have had my cats go in the litter box, stay in there for a long time, and then run out frantically, dropping poop all over as they escaped. This happens because of hard stools. They strain & strain & nothing comes out, and then when the hard stools start to emerge, it hurts badly, and they run like crazy trying to escape the pain. I would try to get your little guy to eat more liquid, either by adding more water to his canned food, or giving him some warm chicken or beef broth, if he will eat it. It is clear your kitty is stressed, based on the over-grooming he is doing. In circumstances like this, I would recommend getting a anti-stress collar at the pet store (they look like flea collars, but work with pheromones to mellow-out your baby.) And then IMMEDIATELY I would go back to the vet, but I don't like the way the one you've been to sounds & I would recommend another one.
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